Friday, April 16, 2010

OC: First bit of press!

Yay! I got my first bit of coverage of my Oscar Challenge! Woo-hoo! And, as always, if somebody throws a little mention my way I love to reciprocate!

I am really excited to say that my first bit of press was bigger than I expected. Jacqui Pini from is supporting me on for my challenge! Now, maybe she's a bit bias because she was the recipient of this insane custom engagement ring...

... and you should see this thing sparkle at night! Anyway, I am thrilled to say that she is not only personally cheering me on for my challenge, but going to keep sharing/covering the whole process! Her coverage will be taking place on her blog Indulge and on tv screens all over the US and Canada!

You see, every time you ride an elevator that has a tv screen, most likely that is showing the Captivate Network. So, if you were in an elevator yesterday you may have seen this...

And I couldn't more thrilled! So thank you Jacqui and Captivate Network for all of your support! And I promise that you can be the first to try on the completed Oscar jewelry!
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