Monday, February 04, 2008

back from nyc

Back from NYC and back to work.

When I was there I squeezed in seeing the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (after standing in the freezing cold for over 3 hours... I was not pleased.) But after being at the end of the line, somehow I managed to be seated in the front row! Hehehe! I would have shared photos, but you were not allowed to take photos.

After a comedian, Paul Mecurio, warmed up the crowed (and for some odd reason, focused in on me... I'm such an easy target!!!) we had a little Q&A time with Jon Stewart. During this time, we were not allowed to (1) ask to see him naked (2) ask to touch him (3) ask for autographs. So, I have no exciting stories of pinching his tooshie or anything.

Then the rest of the weekend was spent running from store to store to avoid being poured on... which the rain did soak through my wool coat, leather boots and jeans. ugh.

But I'm back to work... and finishing a bunch of wedding band waxes (I like to cast them as a solid, just in case they ever need to be sized years down the road), some wedding jewelry waxes and a wax for a fishie pendant. It's funny, this wax has taken so much time... to get the curves and the placement of the diamonds just right. And it balances cool... it doesn't point straight down, it has a little bend to it. It's very sweet!

I'll keep you posted on more projects in the works!

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