Tuesday, February 12, 2008

big a$$ ring..

Here's a fun project!

A client was watching 'Elizabeth' and saw this big a$$ men's ring. And he loved it. So we sat down at Burdick's, had a big a$$ cup of hot coco and discussed making a version of this ring (actually, we talked business for about 20 minutes and then just talked for about 2 hours.)

Now... if you have never been a client of mine (which you should... trust me, it's a fun experience! Maybe I'll even take you out for hot coco!!!) I give you homework. Whether we are designing an engagement ring or something completely random, I like to know about you (hence, custom jewelry!) So, I ask for images that range from jewelry you like to your favorite stuffed animal and everything in between. And sometimes, those images will trigger some great ideas.

So, this is my first idea for the big a$$ ring... a very clean and contemporary version. There will be a sapphire set on either side of the flat oblong head (the client is providing the sapphires) in a very flat collet (they are slightly too large for flush setting, but I want them as flush to the metal surface as possible.)

The client had sent me a photo of his bike... which is BEAUTIFUL... and for some reason the spokes stuck in my mind. So, I could create a pattern radiating from each sapphire.

BUT I would have the pattern wrap down the sides of the ring... each stone will be further apart than the last till they taper off. Also, I am thinking that white diamonds could radiate out of one side while black diamonds (or another colored stone) could radiate out of the other, and intersect and blend as they taper off. Just an idea!

BUT I do know one thing that is a great idea!!! Whenever a ring is this large, you want to hollow out the head to lighten it up. And when I hollow out the head, I like to put a liner in it... which is a piece of metal to make the interior smooth (so not pinch or cut into the finger.) Well, the client shared this dragonfly pattern with me, which used to be hammered into the leather lining samurai armor. Well... if it was good enough for samurai, it is good enough for my client (hehehe.) But I can cut the pattern into the lining of the ring. It won't be visible when the ring is worn, but a cool hidden detail.

Okay... this week I'm going to be cleaning a bunch of castings (hopefully... still waiting for FedEx!) so I may have some finished products to show you. Keep you posted!

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lulicious said...

Verrry cool! Love the dragonflies. You have been BUSY! How was New York?

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