Tuesday, February 05, 2008


i'm working on some ideas for a tiara for a client. the wedding isn't for quite some time... but i have never made one before and i want to take my sweet time to make it perfect. and i have no clue how long that will take. i want it to get to her in plenty of time for things like choosing a hair style and a veil. PLUS i want to have this piece do double duty... lots of the tiara's of yesteryear (you know, the real ones, not the tinfoil ones of today) would have supports that were removable to turn the piece into a movable necklace. cool, huh?

well, the bride-to-be has shared the beading design on her wedding dress with me and we decided to focus in on this simple part of the pattern...

... then i have been going through tiara books and websites and photos and such, and i came across this...

... i know, i know... crappy photo. just go to this link and you can see a better photo of it if you like. but this is similar to an idea that i had... a very simple bar across the top and the bottom with a oval like pattern in the middle.

so, i decided to play around with a combination of the two...

... this really is just the beginning, but i thought i would share!!! the centers of the ovals are a little too girly for this client, even thought tiara's are fairly girly to begin with. but i do like the idea of the diamond ovals... i just need to come up with a stronger design for the centers.

the bars behind it will be removable (those will be the supports) and then it can serve as a necklace. so many possibilities!

but like i said, this is my first concrete idea... i'm sure it will keep transforming! i'll keep plugging away and keep posting as we go along.

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