Friday, February 22, 2008


If you are one of my readers... you know that precious metals are at an all time high (because I complain about it all the time.) And I've had some pieces kicking around stores and my shop and they are now worth more dead than alive. But before I melt then down, I thought I'd offer them to my loyal readers at rock bottom prices. Honestly, I don't think you'll be able to get your hands on gold and platinum for so little again!!!

For your consideration...

A beautiful finger shaped 14K White and Yellow Gold wedding band. It is a size 5.25 (and cannot be sized up, sizing beads can be added to make it slightly smaller.) The pattern is a traditional wheat pattern in yellow gold flanked with flat washer-like white gold bands. It is completely fabricated in the metal (no casting) by little ol' me. A mate could always be custom fabricated if you like it!

Blog Sale Price... $250.00 SALE PENDING


The last of the domes! A 14K White Gold Dome Pendant sprinkled with all natural blue and purple sapphires and VS diamonds. It's on a 14K 18" bead chain.

Blog Sale price... $450.00 SALE PENDING


An 18K White Gold Starfish Ring, size 5.5 (again, cannot be sized up but can have sizing beads added in.) The starfish and 2 outer bands are very organic looking. It can be customized with micro-pave diamonds gracing one or alternating starfish for that little extra bling. Also, it looks slightly yellow in the photo, but it is white gold. Can be rhodium plated if need be.

Blog Sale price... $600.00


14K Green Gold Ring w/ Rutilated Pink Tourmaline, size 7 (again, cannot be sized up, but can have sizing beads added in.) I need to give you a little background information on this ring. I made this in school... and it was a pain in my a$$. This ring was not cast... it was raised from a sheet of gold. Lots of hammering and forming. Then, once the exterior of the ring was made, I had to add in a liner (so it would be smooth and hot hollow to scratch the finger... it is sooo comfy!) I showed this ring at a Craft Boston Show... and a prestigious gold smith from NYC wanted to meet me to talk about hiring me, but the person manning the booth forgot to tell me for over a week. It was too late by then... when I contacted him, he had already hired somebody. But, everything happens for a reason!

And I hope somebody out there wants this, because I do not want to melt this one down. Seriously, it was a lot of work. And it's craftsmanship that you will not come across often!!! It will make a great ring for a woman or a pinky ring for the right man!!!

Blog Sale Price... $800.00

Now the really good stuff... PLATINUM!

A simple, yet classic, platinum ring with a tapered bezel set 1/4 ct Red Spinel, size 5.25 (and cannot be sized up, sizing beads can be added to make it slightly smaller.) A Spinel is commonly mistaken for Rubies (or in blue, sapphires.) It's a beautiful ring!

Blog Sale Price... $1000

And the final piece...

MY OLD ENGAGEMENT RING! Yup... it's just too much platinum sitting in my safe... and it is a really really cool ring. Not your traditional ring... more like a wedding band. It is 2mm thick and 5mm wide platinum (it's a HUGE hunk of platinum) size 5.25 (and cannot be sized up, but can be sized down with sizing beads) and 13 stones, 8 rubies and 5 diamonds. There's a story behind the number of stones, so if you're interested in the ring, I can give you more information. But my ex gave me his blessing to melt down the ring. But it's just too beautiful to melt down if I don't have to.

Blog Sale Price... $1300.00

AND if somebody out there is looking for a cool platinum wedding set, buy the spinel platinum ring and the wide platinum band with rubies and diamonds. It's modern, it's cool and it's the cheapest platinum you will find out there!!!

If you are interested in any of these items, or have questions... drop me a note here. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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