Tuesday, February 19, 2008

casting woes!

Almost 2 weeks ago I sent a bunch of jobs to be cast (3 wedding bands in Palladium, 1 Platinum fish, 1 pair of earrings in 14K Palladium, 1 pendant in 14K Palladium, and 5 sterling silver pendants) and I had an issue with most of it!

Basically, I'm trying a new caster... who is actually my refiner. They are the ones who guarantee the metal is close to 100% recycled.

When I shipped the pieces in I expected a turn around of a few days (which is what I'm used to from my other casters and from working in a casting house)... but as over a week passed, I decided to check on the order. They said the platinum fish was holding everything up. Apparently the size, shape and thickness is making the casting difficult (even tho the thinnest area is 1mm, which is the minimum.) They tried casting it, and it came out badly and so they thought they would make a mold of it, fix the wax and try it again. What annoys me is that they never contacted me with any of these issues.

(HA! I actually got a call from them just now! They can't cast the fish. But I get to pay for this rubber mold that I never asked for AND for a couple of extra waxes! Hahaha!)

Well, I got in the other castings... and the 14K Palladium earrings have pits that i could stick my fingernail in! So, those just went back to be re-cast. Crikies! The casting gods are not on my side at the moment!!!

Also, I had a piece cast at the building... and I just dropped that off to be recast. Ugh!

But I was reading the Metro on the T on my way into the city. And I saw this and it made me laugh...

News in brief... Washington:
A 10-pound frog the size of a bowling ball,
with heavy armor and teeth, lived among
dinosaurs millions of years ago. It was intimidating
enough that scientists who unearthed its fossils
dubbed the beast Beelzebufo, or Devil Toad.

hehehe... I love random news like this! To read a little more about it, click here.

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