Tuesday, February 26, 2008

stained glass window inspired pendant

A client came to me with her grandmother's mine cut diamond nose ring (yes... I said grandmother and nose ring in the same sentence.) And it is BEAUTIFUL! There is one large mine cut diamond with 3 smaller matching set in 22K gold. But the oddest thing about these diamonds are the fact that the tables (the top flat area on the diamond) are orange. None of my diamond dealers have ever seen anything like it. They all agree that they are diamonds... but can't figure out where the color is coming from.

So, along with these 4 diamonds, the client has 8 small diamonds (from a pair of earrings.) I thought by adding orange sapphires (different tones of orange... red-orange, yellow-orange, pink-orange, etc) that are different sizes to fill in.

Also... the setting would be mainly platinum... but her grandmother's diamonds would be set in 22k yellow (I could melt down the gold it's currently set it to create a more modern setting.)

Basically... I came up with an idea of a stained glass window like pendant.

I'll keep you posted on what she thinks!

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