Tuesday, February 05, 2008

mad science experiment...

I love avocados. I don't care how much fat are in them... they're good fat. And they make me damn happy!

So, this past fall I decided to do a little research on what to do with the pit/seed from the avocado. I found these instructions, and they seemed easy enough. I read the instructions to Sal (which are very very simple) e voila, we have our science experiment!

We watered it for a few months, and saw nothing happen... till one day it cracked in half and a little white root started to peek out of the bottom of it. Then BAM, things started growing out of both ends!!!

When I realized that this could possibly work... that it may actually survive... I decided to start a couple more. Because if they all survive, you need multiple trees for these to cross pollinate to produce fruit (YAY! AVOCADOS!)

Our biggest seedling is about to outgrow the jar of water and soon it will be transferred to a nice roomy pot of soil... just in time to move onto the deck for the spring. (I am worried that my angry squirrel may try to eat it!!!) The others are only about 2 weeks along.

I'll keep you posted on the progress!!!

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Twink* said...

It may take up to 7 or 15 years until you can actually grow an own avocado though... just thought I'd let you know :).
I currently have 10 avocadoplants, all in soil, all quite young, but the leaves are getting pretty big now. They grow more and more every day, it amazes me how fast it goes.
The best months for them to grow are may until about mid september, because they very much need their warmth.
Give them plenty of water, but don't let them stand in the water, they'll drown. They drink rather slowly, but a lot.
I love these plants, and I hope that, one day, I'll taste one of the avocados I've grown myself. :)

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