Monday, February 25, 2008


The decision has been made on the tiara! And thank the gods... because I came up with a bunch of ugly a$$ designs! I was stuck on this one... it was hard! I had such tight parameters to work within (ie, keep the whole tiara low, nothing really sticking up, carry in elements of the dress, has to work as a necklace, find a way to keep the diamond setting to a minimum to keep the cost down, etc.) And I did it! Sal and I sat on the couch arguing over the design so much that he had a dream (or maybe more of a nightmare) that he was designing it... hehehe.

So... this is the initial part of the dress that the client wanted to focus on...

But this is another part of her dress that I wanted to incorporate into the design...

This is what I came up with... and the client loves the design.

So now, I just have to try to figure out how much this one will cost and how long it will take... because I have no clue!!!

Anyway... don't forget about the blog sale! Seriously... this is the cheapest you'll see these gold and platinum pieces and I really don't want to melt them down. Think about it! I'll only keep 'em around till the end of the week!!!

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