Friday, December 21, 2007


Oh itis... I've got all kinds of 'em! Laryngitis, Sinusitis, Bronchitis... you name it, I've got it!

It's pretty common for me to get sick this time of the year... and usually it's for lack of caring for myself. Even though the number of jobs that came through were less than last year (pretty slow holiday season for all retail), I still found myself running around to finish everything... and ignored the case of the sniffles and post nasal drip (I know... uber attractive) that has lingered for weeks now.

Now, usually I would have just let this slide and sleep it off... but seeing it is the holidays I thought I should make sure to spread Christmas Cheer, sans germs. So, when I went to the dr's today I actually saw 3 people! A nurse, a grad student and a Dr. And all of them seemed confused by my symptoms.

My blood pressure was high (and I am one of those people that have insanely low blood pressure where they think I'm actually the walking dead), my ears feel like there is cotton balls crammed in them, my nose is runny, I have no voice what so ever (I sound like Stevie Nicks that has been smoking for about 40 years), this flipping post nasal drip that just won't quit, a cough that would put most 90 year old smokers to shame, my energy level is low and I get winded pretty easily. Oh yeah, and I had a migraine and vertigo the past couple days to boot.

BUT the crazy part is that I don't feel that badly! I know it sounds odd, but I just feel like I have a crappy head cold... I have NO clue that I am so sick! I honestly thought it would be gone in a day or two.

So, they were so confused by my symptoms. They aren't sure... but think it all started by not taking care of what seems to be allergies (my new health insurance was denying my Allegra D, which is the ONLY allergy formula that seems to work for me... they finally approved it today.) And it just seems that it finally caught up to me! They don't think I'm catchy, but after 24 hours on my antibiotics and the steroids and cough meds and allergy meds will make sure that I'm not catchy anymore.

But they seemed very worried about me... which kinda worries me... and said if I develop any more symptoms (chills, high temp, etc.) I have to get to the dr's or the emergency room ASAP. I think they're worried that I will develop pneumonia... which would suck.

So, that means no trip down to DC to see Sal and his family right after Christmas. And now we'll be ringing in the New Year in a fairly quiet fashion.

BUT everything happens for a reason... so I will use this time. I will do those things that I either put off or take advantage of, for example...

1. Sort out my receipts (been avoiding this one... like the plague!)
2. General correspondence of family, friends, clients and associates (I'm bad at this one... that's why I have the blog!)
3. Finish pulling together the info for my writer so we can actually get the press kits out in January.
4. Curling up with my dogs to lazily drift in and out of my heavily medicated sleep while watching the 24hours of A Christmas Story on TBS (ooo... is anything sweeter?)

... and so on.

So, for now, I must shut my eyes! But I'll be back as soon as I can.

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