Thursday, December 13, 2007


well, because the stock market is down... everybody keeps putting their money into precious metals... which mean that the price of gold is uber high! so, what do i do in these times of insanely high metal prices... I REFINE!

it all goes along with being green. every little scrap and pile of dust is melted down, separated and made into new stock. from there you can either get new material OR a check... i choose a check.

but this is what i sent out to my refiner in NC...

... scraps of gold and silver and plat, etc, failed experiments, poor castings, remnants from building pieces, spru's, etc.. just all kinds of stuff!

then there was this...

... 11 lbs of bench, floor and polish sweeps. basically, it's all the dust from when i'm fabricating, the grime from the polishing buffs, air filters, and all the dust that gets everywhere.

in total, the final box weighted 16 lbs. we'll see what i get out of it... but whatever i get will just go back into the business!

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