Monday, December 10, 2007

uggg... sappy!

I mean sappy in the context of a Christmas tree, not mushy. With the joy of a Christmas tree comes the annoyance of pine pitch. But it smells oh so good... so I deal.

Last night Sal and I picked up a little 4 foot tree... it's too full to be a technical 'Charlie Brown' tree, but it's a funny little one at that. So, I decided to decorate it like my the tree that my grammy Angie (aka, Jelly.) A few of the ornaments were from her tree (and straight out of the 50's)...

... but the main part in common are the Bubble Lights. Sure, mine are newer... with more plastic and less of a chance of catching on fire... but it has the same feeling...

Overall, I'm not too sure of what Sal will think of my little piece of holiday joy... but it makes me happy! So, hopefully he'll just humor me and keep his Grinch like comments to himself ;)

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