Tuesday, December 11, 2007

oh dear god, WHY?

it's past midnight. i have so much work for tomorrow and all i want to be doing is sleeping. BUT NO! you want to know why???


i kid you not, it is so loud that it sounds like he's on my floor. honestly, usually i can kinda hear him... but tonight it is soooooo loud! chainsaw loud.

i've been laying here for an hour. first i thought it would stop or he would roll over... nope. so, i finally got annoyed, so i dropped a pile of books (it sounded like a .22 went off)... nothing. so then i started hitting a broom handle into the floor... still nothing. then, and i knew it wouldn't work, i just started jumping up and down like a child having a temper tantrum yelling and screaming... nope, nothing.

once i did mention it up to him and his roommate... and they just started laughing. i guess this is a common complaint. these are the things you can't find out till you move in.

all i know is i want to sleep... and even with my wave machine and the tv on, i can hear him clear as day. i am so tempted to go into my shop and start forging a bracelet or something... the sound of metal hitting metal could wake the dead.

so, i will lay here and pray to the gods that he will roll over.

i need to sell more jewelry so i can buy a house... or at least a pair of tap shoes to annoy him all night.


kelmurphy said...

Cocoa Beach didn't drown out the snoring? Holy cow! Maybe it's Guillaume downstairs. Oh man, if you ever want to exact revenge, I think it's time to seal up some bologna sandwiches and drop them down their chimneys.

Or how about smothering their doorknobs with poison ivy?

Tails said...

Hahahaahah this post had my LOL...literally!! I have the same problem with my upstairs neighbour. She's an old lady who wears a hearing aid. Well, ok, she NEVER wears her hearing aid, so I hear everything she's watching, and she's an odd old lady because she starts watching at 11pm until 2am!! Then she clicks (walking cane on wooden floors) over to the bathroom, where she pees REALLY loudly, and then flushes the loo which booms around the corridor by my front door. Sigh.

Tails said...

Sorry, to add, the only way she hears us knocking on her door to get her to turn down her TV is to wait for a commercial! SIGH!

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