Tuesday, December 04, 2007

turbulence... lots and lots of it!

Yesterday, I flew from Boston to NW Arkansas (Fayetteville), with a layover in Detroit. Well, while sitting on the plane, I started typing out some random diatribe to post. BUT then it all changed about half way through the flight. We hit some turbulence... actually, a feeking load of turbulence. Not the nice little bouncing around... noooo... there was 50 mph winds. It was the kind where the plane drops out from below you, and your stomach goes into your throat then hits your a$$. The kind of turbulence that made the middle aged man next to me start praying.

Well, I knew we'd land just fine... I was just worried that I was going to be air sick. I get motion sickness really badly! Anything from carnival rides (I can handle the Merry-go-Round... which I love!), crappy cabbies, long car rides in stop and go traffic, and things of the like. So, I looked around for the air sick bag in all the seat pockets around me... NONE! So, I just curled up in a ball, turned the air on so it would blow in my face, clenched my eyes as tight as I could, and tried to breath slowly. The funniest part was I believe the guy next to me thought I was praying along with me. hahahaha. Yeah, praying to the Gods that I didn't barf all over myself... and my seatmates!

So, I was hoping that I could get some nice bland food (ie, crackers) during my layover. Nope. We landed in terminal A gate 3... I had to get to terminal C gate 7. HAHAHA! So, there I was... completely nauseous, running with my heavy coat and laptop bag, pushing people out of my way. When I got to they were just starting to board (no time for crackers for Tracey!) We got on the little commuter jet and then sat on the tarmac for an hour and a half. Ugh! So, when we took off, the wind was 38 mhp, significantly less than when we landed, but now we're on a little commuter jet. So, there I was, bouncing around another plane. Yup... thought I was going to toss again! And still... no barf bags!

The rest of the flight was okay. But I begged the flight attendant for crackers and gingerale... and she only had Pringles. Fine! Whatever! I just needed food.

But when it was all over... I was just thrilled that I was on the ground and off to see Sal.

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