Friday, December 28, 2007

Sal must actually like me...

Sal and I decided to go light on gifts for each other this year for Christmas, because we have too many things we need to purchase for the apartment. So we set a limit of $25.00. I had bought him a few song books and dvd's for his ukulele... he bought me something from Arkansas.

All I could guess was that it came from Wal-Mart. But Sal completely surprised me. If you don't know him, he's a minimalist. He doesn't like clutter and doesn't buy what he doesn't need... he hates nicknacks. So, how surprised was I when I saw that he bought me not one, but TWO teapots and a sugar bowl from an antique shop. He must actually like me to buy a gift like this ;)

The Japanese teapot and sugar bowl was made my a company called Takito (the mark is "T T" in two rectangles.)

"The Takito company 1880-1948, is mostly known as one of those
specializing on the Lustreware type of decoration originally
developed by the Noritake company but pieces with moriage decoration
in Moriage a'la Kyoto Satsuma on porcelain, are also common.
Between 1891 to 1921 the products should be marked 'Nippon'.
Marks later than 1945 usually comes with the addition of
"Made in Occupied Japan ."

My teapot is marked only with 'Made in Japan' so have been made between 1922 - 1944.

The simple white teapot was manufactured by Arzberg, a German porcelain company. The name of the teapot is called 'Form 1382.' It was based on Bauhaus design principles. The teapot is still manufactured today (and can actually be bought from Crate and Barrel on line.)

BUT inside the teapot was a folded piece of note book paper... with a high school style poem on it! Sal left it in there because he knew I'd get a kick out of it ;)

To sum it up, it's about death (aren't all bad high school poems about death... or getting your heart broken.) It didn't scan too well... but I'll give you the opening stance...

What..... (by Anonymous)
He is making us suffer,

from where he can see.
Doing to us all,
You and Me.
Death is so tragic,
yet we know it's in store,
stronger than weak,
but poorer than poor.

... it just keeps going on and on. Hehehe.

So, overall, I was thrilled with my Christmas gifts. Thanks Sal!!!

Oh... and if you do like Bauhaus design or teapots or both, read this article. It's really interesting... seriously!

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