Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Okay... so I finished the replica of the initial pin. And it is pretty damn close... and once it's 18K plated, it will be really really damn close.

The only differences on the front are the following:

-The triangular stone has sharper corners on the new one (it's very difficult to match odd or older cut stones)
-The bezels are slightly thicker on the new one

The back has the main difference:

-Because the original was so thin (because it was machine bent) I had to add wax to the back to make sure it would cast completely. So, the original one, has a pattern on the back... the new one is smooth on the back. But it's the back, so hopefully not a huge issue.

Sorry for the crappy pix... just quick photos! But when the new one is plated, I will take some good photos.

Okay... back to work!!!

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